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A tattoo is an investment in your time, money and artistic vision. In order to protect your body art, you must take proper care both after AND before your appointment.

Below you will find tips for preparing your skin and and healing your tattoo after each session. 


Make sure you drink plenty of water the day of, and the day before your tattoo appointment. Hydrated skin heals better, and dehydrated skin will not hold ink as well, so this is very important. 

Refrain from drinking (or "partying" in any other way) the night before, and the day of. Alcohol thins the blood and can interfere with the ink, as well as create an unpleasant experience for both of us. You DO NOT want to be hungover AND in pain!

Eat before your tattoo session and consider bringing snacks and water with you.

Keep in mind that I cannot tattoo over sunburned skin, acne, or any cuts or scrapes. The tattoo simply will not heal properly. Contact me immediately if you need to reschedule your appointment due to one of these issues.

I also cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant, on blood-thinning medications, or undergoing cancer treatment. Please keep this in mind.

Children are not allowed in the booth while tattoos are being created. It is considered a health hazard by law, plus it is dangerous for your child. Please arrange child care beforehand.


You must remember that a tattoo is a WOUND. Healing a tattoo is serious business. Aftercare instructions need to be followed exactly. The first rule is: Your friends are idiots. Idiots do not know how to heal tattoos. DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS.

Leave the bandage on your fresh tattoo for 2 hours and then gently remove. If the bandage sticks to your skin, saturate it with water until it falls off on its own. Ripping off a stuck bandage will damage the skin and impede healing.

Wash your tattoo with warm, soapy water for 30-45 seconds. I recommend original Dial soap. Massage into skin until all blood and plasma has been washed away. Using a clean paper towel, gently dry the skin.

There are many products on the market used for healing. I recommend After Ink or Redemption. You can also use Lubriderm Unscented Hand Lotion. Rub a small amount of product into the entire area of the tattoo. Oversaturation of product is the leading cause of improper healing. You don't need that much! Your tattoo needs to breathe so don't glop it on.

Use another clean paper towel to tap away any excess product. The amount that has already absorbed into the skin is all you need.


Repeat the cleaning and moisturizing regimen 3-5 times per day for 2 weeks.


REMEMBER - everyone's skin heals differently. Your tattoo may heal within a week or two, or your tattoo may heal in a month. After a week, you will likely form a scab. Picking or scratching at the scab will pull color out of your tattoo. Don't do it! 

  A perfect tattoo is 50% artist skill & 50% healing procedure - don't fuck up my work! 



Dermor is a product sometimes used to cover your tattoo for multiple days at a time.  This product replaces the normal bandage that you would leave on for only 2 hours.  Dermor can be left on for multiple days and creates a second-skin which may heal your tattoo faster than traditional bandages.


Dermor should stay in place for 12 to 24 hours while skin is open and producing fluid. After 24 hours the Dermor can be removed and replaced by your tattoo artist (you will need to contact your artist to make sure they have time to put on a new piece of Dermor). The second application can stay in place for 3-4 days as long as it is sticking well to the skin and there is no fluid build up. If there is no fluid buildup the initial application can stay in place for the entire 3-4 days.  While the Dermor is ontop of the tattoo, you do not need to wash or lotion the tattoo.  Avoid submersion in water to maintain the seal integrity of the bandage.

If redness occurs around the edges, remove the Dermor and discontinue use. If you are allergic to adhesives test a small piece on your skin. Redness will clear up once the Dermor is removed and the tattoo will not be affected.

To remove Dermor, peel  back SLOWLY from the edge or corner. . Stretching the Dermor away from the skin will help losen the bandage from your skin.

Once Dermor is removed, clean and dry the area and proceed with your normal tattoo aftercare aftercare.

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